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Some of us may do not know how children can talk and how it develops. Here is a wide range of normal language development in children. It divides on some typical language development based on the age of the child. In 6 months, children can build an intonation in their vocalization. They can make many responses of some stimulants that come into them such as they can respond to their name; they can respond to human voices without visual cues by turning his head and eyes, they can respond appropriately to friendly and angry tones as well. In 12 months, they can use one or more words with meaning that might be a fragment of a word. For example, they use word “Mom” to call their mother. It is the simple one which has a meaning for children. Then, they can understand simple instructions, especially if vocal or physical cues are given like “cupcupcup” when they cry or “byebye” while someone else is waving to them. They also can practice their inflection and they are aware of the social valuable of speech because anyone around them seems so fluent in talk each other. In 18 months, they have vocabulary of approximately 5-20 words which made up chiefly of nouns, they have some echolalia (repeating a word or phrase over and over), they use much jargon with emotional content, and they are able to follow simple commands like wave when someone else asks to. In 24 months, they can name a number of objects common to their surroundings; they are able to use at least two prepositions, usually chosen from the following: in, on, under; their rhythm and fluency often poor and their volume and pitch of voice not yet well-controlled.  Also in 24 months, approximately 2/3 of what child says should be intelligible. They have vocabulary items of approximately 150-300 words, and they can use two pronouns correctly: I, me, you, although me and I are often confused. They can respond to such commands as “show me your eyes (nose, mouth, hair, etc.)” as well. In 36 months, they can use pronouns I, you, me correctly. They know chief parts of body and should be able to indicate those. About 90% of what child says should be intelligible and they have in the neighborhood of 900-1000 words. They understand most simple questions dealing with their environment and activities. They relate their experiences so that they can be followed with reason, they should be able to give their name, sex, age, and they should not be expected to answer all questions although they understand what is expected. In 48 months, they know names of familiar animals like chicken, cow, etc. They know one or more colors, names common objects in picture books or magazines, and they can repeat 4 digits or words of 4 syllables when they are given slowly. They have also much repetition of words, phrases, syllables, and even sounds. In 60 months, they can use many descriptive words spontaneously-both adjectives and adverbs, they can count to 10, and their speech should be completely intelligible in spite of articulation problems. Here, they should be able to repeat sentences as long as nine words, they should know his age and should have simple time concepts: morning, afternoon, night, day, later, after, while, tomorrow, yesterday, today, etc. Their speech on the whole should be grammatically correct as well. In brief, they have much language development based on their age. Their parents should be aware to children’s language development. If the child seems to be significantly behind in language development, their parents should talk with the child’s physician regarding their questions and concerns.

Luh Gede T. P. D.


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