Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

             In this development era, a motorcycle takes a big part in a teenager’s life. Unfortunately, most of teenagers have a difficulty to decide which motorcycle is suitable for them. For that reason, I would like to compare and contrast about two motorcycles that are in the front rank recently. They are Vixion and Megapro. Let me tell you about the similarity of those motorcycles in term of body, cylinder capacity, and shock. The first similarity is in their body type, Both of those motorcycles are created without fairing in the both of those bodies. So, the engine looks naked or some people call it as street fighter body type so that they look more muscular that teenagers especially boys prefer to ride it. The other similarity is about their cylinder capacity. The cylinder capacity of Vixion is 150cc and so is Megapro.  The cylinder capacity is a part of the motorcycle that determines the consumption of gasoline and how fast the rotation of the engine is. As a result, both of those motorcycles produce a speed that almost is the same. The last similarity is about the shock, both of those motorcycles are adapted from the moto GP’s shock type that just have a single big shock in the middle on the back of the body. So, both of them are equipped with mono shock in the back wheel that makes those motorcycles look more stylish and elegant. Beside the similarity that I have explained, Vixion and Megapro also have several differences. I have divided it into three identical aspects, they are manufacture, features and price. Let us talk about Vixion first, Vixion is produced by Yamaha, the well-known motorcycle manufactory from Japan. Therefore, we do not need to feel doubt with the quality. The other differences are about the features. Vixion is completed with several sporting features, such as liquid cooler or usually called as radiator and fuel injection technology. Unfortunately, Vixion is not completed by double disc brakes, but it will not bring down the performance of this motorcycle. For those features that are offered, we can get this motorcycle by around Rp. 23.000.000. It is not a high price for the all features that we get. Now, let me continue to the second motorcycle that is Megapro. It is produced by Honda, the famous manufactory from Japan that has a big name in the every part of the world. This motorcycle also adapts several chosen features; they are a digital speedometer with a clock that makes the rider easy to know the time everywhere and double disc brakes in the front and the back rims that make us easy to stop everywhere quickly even when we ride it in the high-speed condition. For the best quality that we get, this motorcycle has an official price around Rp. 21.000.000, even it is a little bit cheaper than Vixion, but it is one of the marketing strategies by Honda. For all of the comparisons and contrast that I have demonstrated, I am supposed to the costumer in order to choose their dream motorcycle wisely.


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