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When I walked into Q3 building, I was attracted by a poster. The poster on second floor’s wall magazine was interesting. One most enjoyable thing was the picture. It was hand drawn and colorful. There was a band performing on the stage. There were fog effects to make their performing great. There were four members of the band actively performing. They looked so excited entertaining the spectators. The drummer was energetically banging his drum. The singer showed his power and ability, it looked like he was screaming. There were two girls, one is playing keyboard and the others is playing gamelan, a javanese music instrument. They looked happy while they were performing. There were so many spectators. The spectators were enjoying the show, with their hands up to show that they really enjoy the show.  Another most interesting thing is the title of its show. It is called Sastraswati. Its made me more curious about the show. I do not know what it meant and I think it is not an acronym. There is no explaining about what the title meant, only about the theme of the show. The show will show some old memories or nostalgia music with some crazy moments or fun moments when it is held. It is about how we can enjoy bringing back some old memories with friends. Another least fun thing is the performance list of the show. There are more than seven performances will be shown: band, acoustic, theatre/opera, poetry, dance, performance art, short movie, and many more. It will be a very exciting event. The advantage is we can enjoy a lot of performances in one show without paying, it is free. There is also a guest star. It is Veskaria. The other performer is from our department itself. So they will show their skill and ability. We must be proud about it. We can conclude that Sastraswati’s poster makes people who seeing it want to watch the show. A poster with good combination of words and pictures, everyone will enjoy even just seeing it.


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