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 Farida's Boring Life

          Some people complain that their lives seem to be flat and uneventful. They believe that their lives are boring and colorless. However, actually it is not. Farida is one of the examples. When she was 10 years old, she began to take an interest in reading and writing a story. She was even able to write a complete short story in such a young age. Her likeness to read and write a story also made her understanding toward Indonesian language better. She got the first place in an Indonesian language competition in her sub district. However, she only managed to get a second place in her district competition. At the age of 13, she began to grow interest in reading and writing a poem. Her poem was really good. As a result, she was chosen to read one of her poems in her junior high graduation. At her time in junior high, she also made a best friend which made her life more colorful by having someone to share her happiness and sadness with. When she was 15 years old, her life started to become more colorful than before. She joined a nature lovers group, and having lot of group activities, like discussion, group meeting, and camping. Not only joining a nature lovers group, she also joined a student council. Here she began to learn how to organize an event. She even had chosen to organize a school event which was only held once every three years. Therefore, even if she sees her life as a regular and uneventful life, her life is actually colorful with all of her activities, accomplishment, and her achievements. 

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