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Kunta Billah

            I am going to present the information about the development of a language in children. The explanation below presents typical child's language development. There is a wide range of a normal development. Most children will not follow the step on my explanation. It is presented so parents will know what to expect from a child language development. If a child language development seems to be significantly behind, their parents should talk with child’s physician regarding their questions and concerns. The toddler year which is from 1 to 3 years of age, is the start of child understanding toward language. They start to learn about words in their surroundings. They are also able to understand an object without necessarily presenting the object, and at this stage they are able to reason a simple question, such as why they are hungry, thirsty, or sleepy. The next stage is play stage which is from age 4 up to 6. In this stage their language is more developed. They can understand antonym and synonym easily. They should be able to tell the synonym of beginning is start, while the antonym of beginning is end. In addition, other than knowing the similar and opposite word, they are able to give a time signal for an event, such as minutes, quarter hour, and half hour.  The last stage we are going to discuss is the primary school stage which is from 7 to 12 years of age. In this stage children should be able to tell the difference between past, present, and future. They are also able to read easily, and able to write a simple composition. Generally speaking, they can carry on a conversation at a rather adult level, and is able to control rate, pitch, and volume when they speak. In conclusion, this is a general language development in children. However, it is fine if a child progress is faster than it should be, but if a child development is late, parents should consult to child’s physician regarding this matter.


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